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Desert Trees

What to Expect 

Welcome to the Joshua Tree Retreat Daily Schedule, where you will find how each day flows during your experience with us!

Each day we will move our bodies and explore creative, fun, and interactive workshops to deepen our knowledge of Human Design, Astrology, and Tarot Reading.  You will be in a safe, nurturing, empowering environment surrounded by like-minded soul sisters!

* Schedule subject to change!


Day 01 Saturday

Joshua Tree Retreat

  • Breakfast and Check-In 8 am - 9:30 am

  • 10:00 am Opening Ceremony 

  • 11:00 am Morning Yoga Flow with Sound Bath

  • 12:00 pm Understanding Your Nodes in Astrology & Human Design

  • 2 pm Lunch/free time

  • 4:00 pm Freetime: Explore Joshua Tree, Hot tub time, Connections, Relax.

  • 6:00 pm Dinner

  • 7 pm Money Mindset Human Design Gates PT 1

  • 8:00 pm Star/Constellations Mapping Bonfire Circle & Smores

  • 10:00 pm Quiet time, Free time end of night/bedtime.

* Schedule subject to change!

Day 02 Sunday

Joshua Tree Retreat

  • 9:00 am Breakfast

  • 10:30 am Joshua Tree Group Hike

  • 1:00 pm Lunch/beach free time

  • 2:00 pm Astrology & Tarot Workshop and group Tarot Reading.

  • 4:00 pm Free time: Explore Joshua Tree, Hot tub time, Connections, and Relax.

  • 6:00 pm Dinner

  • 7:30 pm Partnership, Sex & love Human Design Gates PT 2

  • 8:30 Bonfire, Smores, Hot tub, Stargazing

  • 10:00 pm Quite Time/ End of night/ free time/bedtime

* Schedule subject to change!


Day 03 Monday

Joshua Tree Retreat

  • 6:00 am Closing sunrise circle

  • 8:00 am Breakfast

  • 9:00 am Pack items/Clean up

  • Checkout is 10 am 

Optional Add on Experiences

Joshua Tree Retreat

These experiences can be taken during any free time throughout the days with us. Click the button below for information and bookings.

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