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Luna Soul Retreat Information

Luna Soul Retreat is an intimate wellness retreat located in one of Southern California’s most idyllic settings: Corona Del Mar Beach, California

Nestled amongst the California coast, is a 3 bedroom comfortable and stylish beach home with private rooftop deck, located 10 min walking distance to Corona Del Mar Beach, and 1 block away from PCH, designed to harness the transformative powers of yoga and nature.

Luna Soul Retreats rejuvenates guests by combining three core activities: yoga, sisterhood,  healing soul connections with sound healing crystal bath and meditations. The retreat activities are thoughtfully conceived, so that they flow into and complement the next, creating a powerful whole.

Luna Soul Retreat is a place of rejuvenation. Guests come to work their body while renewing their spirit and emerging from their stay; they will feel stronger, healthier, and revitalized.

Luna Soul Retreat is based on four pillars: Natural Excercise, Connection with your soul, Sisterhood, Rest and Positive Loving Thoughts.

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Retreat Host


Arlene is a 200 RYT yoga instructor, Reiki Practioner, Human Design Reader, and wellness influencer. She began healing and teaching through yoga and holistic care. Her passion for supporting others’ healing journey had always been prevalent. She believes healing and change begin with self-love and self-awareness practices. Her principle approach is to encourage women to learn, embrace, and embody the natural lifestyle. Through the use of holistic healing and self-care, so they can live a balanced life and be their own healer.

Retreat Leaders


Cierra Urso is a birth Doula and feminine wellness mentor in Temecula dedicated to helping women heal themselves from within at any phase in their lives. She helps womxn and their families feel empowered and supported using a network of resources and knowledge of which she is continuously cultivating. Part of that knowledge comes from Cierra’s ability to be creative. She is also a poet and writer and is always creating things in different ways whether with words or other mediums. She loves to create personal pieces using language, herbal teas, nutritious foods, and so much more. One thing she especially loves to do is customize herbal tea blends. This is something that makes her heart glow! She enjoys creating individual mixes for clients, it gives her a chance to both express and explore her knowledge, while simultaneously serving the greater healing of her community. Whether you are looking for a birth companion, a feminine wellness mentor, tea information, or personalized written works you can find all of it with Cierra.


Desiree Garcia is a life and business coach who uses astrology to guide her clients through their soul to find their own strategy that is unique to them. She feels a strong calling to shine a light on each one of our gifts so that we may shine as our brightest selves and change the world in our own ways. She uses astrology, her intuition, human design, meditation, journaling, manifestation, and soul strategy to guide her clients through their transformations and to lead them to overall success in life and business. She began to implement spiritual practices and astrology to guide her clients and has led them to success faster than she had before. She is dedicated to understanding your soul to help you manifest your wildest dreams by using your own unique blueprint derived from the stars!


Lindsay is a magical soul with a love for mysteries and miracles that surround us daily. For many years she had studied and practiced self-healing and love techniques, cognitive-behavioral science, trauma care, and group therapy healing techniques. Her passion for healing and working with others has been in her since she was small and life experiences along the way have deepened her compassionate and eagerness to work as a healer.  She is excellent at holding raw valuable space and radiating loving energy in that space. As 200 HR RYT she has integrated this loving energy into her teaching and hopes to help others find their own strength through yoga and the practice of mudra in order to heal themselves and find their deepest calm. During this retreat, she will be sharing with us  how the use of mudra can enhance your mood, your health, meditation, and yoga practice


Erin Vallarino; Hypnotherapist, Intuitive Channel/Counselor Past-Life Regression, Reiki Master/Teacher After 15 years in the real estate industry, Erin Villarino's own health crisis led her to explore alternative and complementary healing modalities. Receiving and then becoming certified in Reiki changed her life completely. She is now committed to sharing this experience with others through her own practice as a Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Hypnotherapist (RMT, C.hT) and has facilitated deep healing and awakening for many. She is also the founder of The Path of the Lightworker Podcast where she dives deep into the life-changing story of healers and intuitive highlighting their pivotal shift towards following a spiritual path.


Genevieve is a young artist and photographer from the Inland Empire who has been taking pictures and working with Story in Time Photography since 2018. Along with this, she has been building her portfolio to create her own name through all different areas of photography from weddings, events, to product. She has passion when it comes to capturing people and energy within their element. Genevieve is a young up and coming artist and photographer.  Although she is a recent 2019 high school graduate, she has already been practicing photography under Story in Time Photography for over one year.  During this time she has photographed weddings, private events, and products.  As she prepares to start her freshman year at UC Riverside, she is committed to launching her own private photography service, Evie Vision. In her photographs, Genevieve strives to capture the passion and energy in every moment.  She hopes to capture these moments for you.  

Cheri Smith is a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher out of Southern California. She discovered the synergistic healing benefits of CBD and Yoga provided relief for her own anxiety, depression, chronic pain, insomnia, and PTSD. She understands millions of others are still being held hostage in their lives by their physical/mental pain. As The CBD Yoga Teacher, Cheri is on a Soul Mission to help others manage their pain, so they can take back their power in life and live in alignment with their Soul Path.


In addition to private and small group yoga classes, The CBD Yoga Teacher offers ongoing CBD Yoga Girls Nights. Girls Night without the hangover! The event focuses on education, inspiration and relaxation. When you attend a CBD Yoga Teacher event, you can expect to learn how CBD works within your body, how to navigate the ever growing market of CBD products and how to incorporate the exact right CBD products and Yoga poses for your needs. Yoga is seated and available for all levels, including those with physical limitations.

Schedule Subject to Change, Please Check in regularly

Disclaimer: Please note all events have a no-cancellation policy and non-refundable policy for retreat and workshops

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