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Our Mission: 

Poderosa Movement is a collective group of women coming together who are passionate about helping women of color in the spiritual wellness profession.    

Our goal is to help increase the number of women of color practicing yoga in our communities.  We hope to achieve this goal by curating our Poderosa Box. Each Poderosa Box purchased 90% of the proceeds will go directly to the Poderosa Movement Gofundme. By purchasing the Poderosa Box your dollars will go toward our hopes to cover all costs necessary for those women of color who cannot afford the Yoga teacher training. The Poderosa Movement has the desire and interest in promoting diversity for future yoga. Please feel free to connect with us more on Instagram @poderosamovemt.

The Poderosa Box


Whats in the box?

Each box comes with handmade artisan products created specifically for this special box set for $65 and valued at $85 

  • Poderosa candle: hand-poured with coconut and beeswax, scented with frankincense. myrrh. Patchouli, vanilla, orange, and other essential oils. 

  • Palo Santo Cleansing Spray: Scented with pure grade Palo Santo essential oils, mandarin oil, neroli oil, lemon oil, clary sage oil, and cedarwood oil

  • Poderosa hand stamped stainless steel necklace.

  • WOMB LOVE is the blend every woman needs and deserves. This gingery blend helps with menstrual cramps, balancing hormones, menopause, as well as increases libido. Our womb is our second heart.  

  • Hand-made Macrame Key chain (colors & styles may vary).

  • Poderosa Poem Affimration card

  • Poderosa" You are enough" sticker

  • Custom box with Poderosa label

To purchase the Poderosa Box please click below, it will direct you to pay via VENMO and leave payment of $65.00 please put Podersa donation when you purchase with a mailing address in the comments or email us address. If you have any issues with payment please reach out via email to

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Meet The Poderosa Box Curators 

Arlene Salcedo, Owner of Luna Soul Wellness, Latinx Yoga Instructor, and Ayurvedic Wellness Coach, Arlene is also the Poderosa Movement founder. Arlene has a spiritual Etsy shop where she curates healing blends to help with spiritual divination, holistic healing with herbs, essential oils, and handcrafted spiritual box sets. Arlene is passionate about healing women, and she firmly believes every wombxn has the power to heal themselves. Connect with Arlene on Instagram @lunasoulwellness


Cristie Creations is a small business that cares about the community, representation, and Latinx culture diversity. We do small things greatly, making sure that people may find a piece of their culture in an unsuspecting way in the most unknown places. Whether it be a custom piece or a piece selected from our shop, each piece is unique and special to our customers or the recipient. Every piece made with cariño to pass on.

Connect with Cristie on Instagram @cristie_creations

SanaTe Herbals: Karinee is someone that suffered from endometriosis for over a decade and fought long and hard through conventional medicine, Karinee can attest that herbs and teas were a magical tool during those difficult and painful times. She credits and believes that because of the love of herbs and their powerful magical healing properties that she decided to open her own Herbal Healing Virtual Shop. Follow her on Instagram @sanateherbals

Kristen is the Mermaid Movement founder- a community space that supports women in their spiritual and emotional growth and healing journeys. She is a doula, creative, and multi-passionate soulpreneur that loves using her gifts to give back! Kristen also enjoys creating; she loves to make candles, essential oil blends, and so much more. You can connect with Kristen on Instagram @iam.mamamermaid


Luna is a model, a BIPOC yoga teacher, and she enjoys the sexual liberation of dancing on a pole. Luna love sharing the physical movement of yoga or even the sexy curvature of her feminine form body. Luna is also an artisan, and she handcrafts macrame art. As an artist, she is always striving to create to let out the love she has through macrame pieces you can take home with you! Luna is a strong supporter of the BIPOC community. Connect with Luna On Instagram @lunasouldecor and also @betterknownasluna

Thank you for your support and being apart of the Poderosa Movement Vision!

Feel free to visit and share our GO FUND ME PAGE 

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