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Crown Chakra Essential Oil Roller Blend

Crown Chakra Essential Oil Roller Blend


Crown Chakra Essential Oil Roller, 7TH Chakra Oil, Reiki Oil, Meditation Oil Blend, with amethyst crystal chips and jasmine botanicals infusing the essential oil roll-on blend.


Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)  — is our highest Chakra and represents our ability to be fully connected spiritually. It is located at the very top of the head. It relates to our connection to spirituality, our higher self, and pure bliss. There is no intellectual knowing at the level of the seventh Chakra, but there is serenity, joy, and profound peace about life.


You have a sense of knowing that there is a deeper meaning of life and that there is an order that underlies all of existence.


Our essential oils blended to balance and support the Crown Chakra are blue tansy, copaiba, juniper berry, serenity, lavender, and jasmine.  Organic and pure fractionated coconut is in the roller blend as the carrier oil. 


Amethyst crystal chips creates peace, stability, calmness, balance, spirituality, purification, and helps you to focus on your intuition. 

Affirmation: I am one and complete with the divine energy. I am part of the universal flow. I am light, and I am love!


All ingredients used by Luna Soul Wellness are sustainably sourced, pure,  saged, and Reiki cleansed by Arlene. Only the best and purest essential oils are in each roller blend.

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