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Awakening Your Goddess Mini Retreat Guides

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Arlene is a 200 Certified RYT Yoga Instructor, Reiki Practioner, and Human Design Chart Reader. Arlene is the curator of Luna Soul Wellness; she began healing and teaching through yoga and holistic care. Her passion to support others’ healing journey had always been prevalent. She believes healing and change begin with self-love and self-awareness practices. Her principle approach is to encourage women to learn, embrace, and embody the natural lifestyle, Holistic healing, and self-care so they can live a balanced life and be their own healer.


Ronnie M @ronniembrand is the Founder of two all female-based communities in Southern California, Manifesting Through Intention and The Bloom Brunch. Ronnie is also the Designer and Founder of her own private label and jewelry line, Ronnie M and has a curated shop, The Ronnie M Layering Bar, in the Claremont Village in Claremont, CA. Ronnie M has produced events here in Southern California attracting women both in the Spiritual and Entrepreneur commUNITY and will be launching in 2020, her very own Guided Mentorship for women to build a life based on Intention, CommUNITY and building women up through her Mentor Program. 

She is a Mom of 2, a Wife and enjoys designing, meditating, and hosting gatherings with her commUNITY. You can find her on Instagram and Facebook and can learn more about her on her website

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Jasmine Shannon has been communicating with Angels and the Other Side since childhood and has been providing intuitive guidance to friends and family members ever since she could remember. As a Co-founder of Trinity Oracles (the trio of 3 psychic sisters and healers) Jasmine provides healing and energy work with the Angels through Angel Therapy *Recharge* Sessions(c). She also provides intuitive guidance through her ability to be able to connect with your angels and guides in the Spiritual Realm. Jasmine believes everyone has the power of Self-Healing and her passion is to help you remember Your Power, Your Self-Confidence and most importantly, Remember Yourself


Ariel, a Southern California native that’s taking raw, plant-based desserts to a whole new level, she attended pastry school in Toronto, Canada. Worked with a French pastry chef in the South of France and fell in love with the flavors of France. Ariel is now back home and created Gypsy Crumbs, a line of raw, vegan, plant-based desserts that are free of dairy, gluten and refined sugars.  Along with her sweet side, Ariel loves to cook meals that nourish and fuel our bodies. She lives a balanced lifestyle that’s focused on the power of plants, well-sourced, local products and keeping flavors bright and fresh with a little spice. Ariel caters retreats and is committed to bringing joy to those who consume her cooking.

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Ray, @mala_wanderer is a traveling yogini that teaches art meditation workshops on how to create your own Mālā Meditation Garlands. There is something truly magical that happens when you create something with your own hands. Your energy, your intentions, your magic is infused into your supplies. It’s a handmade piece of art, that you made, with love and intention.

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