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Human Design Partner/Couples Reading

Partner’s or Friendship dynamics of Human Design

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 222 US dollars
  • Rio San Diego Drive

Service Description

We discuss your open and defined centers during a reading, your specific channels, profile, definition, the cross of incarnation, and how you can apply this knowledge and awareness in YOUR current life and environment. We do this for both you and your partner! We then discuss the best ways for you to communicate and hold space and awareness for each other. Human Design is an extraordinary tool for self-awareness and improving how we function in our lives. But that’s only half the story. Human Design is also brilliant at helping us with relationships. When we understand the energetic dynamics that underpin our relationships, we not only get clarity and helpful strategies for improving our interactions with others, but we also gain compassion, patience, forgiveness, and a longer-term view. And those go a LONG way to improving the quality of our relationships, especially with the people we love. (Sometimes, those are the most challenging relationships!) We can create a “relationship composite” chart with specialized software that combines two personal Human Design bodygraph charts into one integrated composite chart. This composite chart allows me to explore two important aspects: the specific dynamics between the two people the unique blueprint that gets created by the relationship Just as we are influenced (“conditioned”) by others, we also influence others. Being aware of our own impact and distinguishing what “mine” from what is the other person’s is allows us to be true to ourselves while truly honoring the other. Although there are relationship “formulas” in Human Design for what works best and what doesn’t in relationships, I am a firm believer that ANY relationship can work with enough understanding and patience! The best thing with Human Design is to experiment with what you have learned - try it out and see if it has meaning, see if the universe shows up for you in new ways, and see if you find less resistance in getting what you want and need in life. You and your partner, or even friendship (this reading can be done between 2 people, not just couples, so friends, family members, etc...), will grow and find balance by having this human design couples reading. ** All audio from readings are recorded and sent to you afterward, so you can process and re-listen as much as you want! :)

Cancellation Policy

If you can cancel the day of booking/appointment, there is a $20.00 fee

Contact Details

  • 8885 Rio San Diego Dr unit 237, San Diego, CA 92108, USA


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