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Embark on a Personal Profound Transformative Journey: Ayahuasca Plant Medicine Retreat 

Join us for a life-changing Ayahuasca retreat with Luna Soul Wellness in the serene setting of North County San Diego, Escondido.

6  2 Limited spots available for an intimate, holistic experience

Ayurveda Plant Medicine

Discover Inner Peace and Healing with Ayahuasca

3 Days: April 26th-28th, 2024 | Escondido, North County San Diego

Are you seeking a deeper connection with your inner self? Are you longing for a transformative experience that rejuvenates your spirit? Luna Soul Wellness invites you to an exclusive Ayahuasca retreat led by the experienced Arlene, our founder, and Ayurvedic holistic coach, alongside Carmen, a revered local Ayahuasca plant medicine administrator with years of experience leading ayahuasca healing ceremonies.


Delve into your conscious and unconscious mind with a transformational, healing Ayahuasca retreat, uncovering blockages, seeking clarity and channelling messages you need to hear from the voice of Mama Ayahuasca. This intense retreat experiences provide you the space you need to look deep within, using the power of this psychedelic plant medicine as your guide. Journey deep into the plant medicine, follow the guidance of your Ayahuasca facilitator, consume the healing tea and fully surrender to whatever arises within.

Why Ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca, a sacred plant medicine, has been used for centuries in traditional ceremonies. It's known for its profound healing properties and ability to offer deep introspection and spiritual enlightenment. This retreat is designed to address your innermost pain points, guiding you through a journey of self-discovery and emotional healing.

Your Guides on this Journey

Arlene: With over 5 years of retreat experience, Arlene combines her expertise in Ayurveda with a deep understanding of holistic wellness. She will provide pre and post-retreat support, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for your journey.

Carmen: A local Ayahuasca facilitator, Carmen brings years of experience in guiding individuals through the transformative Ayahuasca experience. Her wisdom and insights are an integral part of this retreat.

What's Included:

  • All-Inclusive Experience: Enjoy nourishing meals and beverages, carefully prepared to align with the recommended Ayahuasca dieta.

  • Ayahuasca Ceremony: A profound ceremonial experience guided by Carmen.

  • Holistic Support: Arlene offers guidance using Ayurvedic wisdom before and after the retreat, including group and individual support sessions to prepare you for and integrate your journey. Valued at $500

  • Accommodation Options:

    • Private Room: $1500/person (SOLD OUT - EMAIL TO BE PLACED ON WAITLIST) 

    • Shared Room (Double Occupancy): $1200/per person. Twin beds in a shared room with max 2 ppl per room (2 spots available) Book here

    • Each room has its own private en-suite bathroom.

Prepare and Integrate

The journey begins two weeks prior to the retreat, with Arlene guiding you through the Ayahuasca dieta and ayahuasca journey prep.. Post-retreat, benefit from group support to continue your path of healing and self-discovery after the retreat has completetd. We want to ensure you get the most out of your ayahuasca experience so there will be guided support after the retreat concludes to help you embody your experience.

Limited Availability

With only 6 spots, this retreat offers an intimate and personalized experience. Reserve your place now and embark on a journey that promises spiritual awakening and emotional healing.

My Journey

Ayahuasca: A Soul-Healing Experience

My Journey with Ayahuasca: A Soul-Healing Experience

In a single, profound session of ayahuasca, I found healing deeper than five years of therapy. It connected me to my spirit guides, past lives, and a clear path forward. I've long harbored deep grief, particularly from the loss of my daughter 21 years ago. That day's trauma, the shock of her lifeless beside me, has haunted me ever since.

For years, I've held back tears and sadness, yearning for a space to deeply explore this grief beyond what therapy offered. And I found it. In my ayahuasca journey, I confronted that dark day, releasing tears I'd held for decades. It was a space where crying, feeling, and grieving were not just allowed but necessary.

ayahuasca San Diego Retreat.JPG

This journey was a nurturing embrace for my soul. I connected with my daughter, my ancestors, even touching the divine. I asked, "Why did this happen to me?" The answers came in soul-stirring vibrations, affirming what I already knew.

This wasn't just grief therapy; it was a healing for my heart and soul, reaching into depths unexplored by conventional therapy. The ceremony was a mosaic of awakening, spiritual connections with my higher self, angels, and guides – a journey through shadow and light.

I share this to illustrate its transformative power for me. Everyone's journey is unique, but for my mental and emotional health, it was a profound blessing.

Plant medicine

Daily Schedule: What to Expect

DAY ONE (Friday): Pre Integration

You will be prepared for plant medicine  journey with an evening breath work, sound bath, and an environment to connect with ayahuasca participants (spirit family)

DAY TWO (Saturday):Integration

On this day, you will be immersed and introduced and meet the spirit of  plant mama Ayahuasca. Integration will last 6-8 hours. You will be guided by Carmen on this day with the support and guidance of Arlene

DAY THREE (Sunday): Post Integration

Arlene will be guiding you with a morning restorative yoga, closing circle, as well as time to reflect and journal any guidance or messages you received from the plant medicine journey.

Replay Ayahuasca Info Session

Click below to get more information about the retreat, location details,

pre, post, and integration retreat insights


Retreat Location Sneak Peek:
Nestled in the Serene hills of
San Diego County


Have Questions?

Let's connect!

I am happy to hop on a phone call with you to help you make an informed decision on if this is the right retreat for you, and also to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Please click the link below to email me and I will reach out in 24 hours to schedule e our one-on-one info session

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