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About Luna Soul Wellness

Hello, my name is Arlene Salcedo and I am the owner of Luna Soul Wellness and the founder of my Non Profit, Poderosa Movement which creates scholarships and grants for BIPOC women to create diversity and inclusion for BIPOC women.


Through Luna Soul Wellness I enable women to live a long and healthy life by teaching them to incorporate the more natural eastern and indigenous holistic healing and proactive well-being techniques into their modern western lifestyle. Luna Soul Wellness is here to educate women to use ancient traditional practices through the eastern medicine philosophy of Ayurveda, Human Design, Yoga, Plant Medicine, and Reiki Healing.


All of these together focus on the mind, body, and soul. I help empower women by making it easy to understand these ancient philosophies and introducing plant-based medicine to support their women's health journey safely, naturally, and proactively. One of the more significant gaps I solve is helping others understand that there is a mind, body, and spiritual connection and that caring for their mind and body will nurture their deepest soul's desires and live a more fulfilled life. I offer Human Design readings. Human Design helps people understand their aura field, learning style, and conscious/subconscious minds.


I offer a complete understanding of who you are allowing you to live a complete life. I consider myself a BIPOC Latina healer, by educating and empowering others to connect with the lands of their ancestors and practice the sacred, indigenous practices of the Latin Americas. I offer these various healing modalities through health counseling, plant medicine workshops, and spiritual retreats. Lastly, please feel free to visit my Etsy spiritual apothecary shop, where you can purchase my artisan products, such as: essential oil products, crystals, yoni teas, and spiritual ritual box sets.

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