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About Luna Soul Wellness

I am Arlene, the heart and soul behind Luna Soul Wellness and the founder of the Non-Profit Poderosa Movement. My journey spans 15 years, marked by my dedication to becoming a Holistic Realtor, Interior Designer, and Spiritual Guide.


What fuels my passion is the infusion of consciousness into sacred spaces and the stress of building a nurturing home environment.


With an interior design degree and Ayurveda, yoga, astrology, human design, and plant medicine certifications, I have honed my skills to provide personalized support in discovering and designing your sacred home, integrating indigenous Latin American practices. Luna Soul Wellness reflects my beliefs around the three core pillars: spirituality, design, and home.


Sun sign


I am a plant mom, my favorite crystal Virgo crystal is smokey quartz, and I love to clean

(weird, I know)!

Moon Sign


 I love to cook for my family, watch trash tv,  and cuddle with my corgi!

Rising sign


travel is a true passion of mine. The way to my heart is through food. I love geeking out on a good read 

Human Design

My HD energy type is a Projector, with splenic authority, with a 1/3 profile. My incarnation cross is the vessel of love!

My Core Values

Family, Love, Integrity, Spirituality, Empathy, Inclusion

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