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Face Massage

Retreat Experiences

Enjoy various retreat experiences throughtout your time with us. 

You will find retreat experience details below with options to book before our time together .

Astrology Mini Session Offerings!


We will explore your Big Three: Sun, Ascendent/Rising and Moon + the add-on you choose.
Your Big Three:

  • Sun: Life force, Basic personality, Self expression, Represents the Father, Male energy, Ego, How you are meant to shine, How we see ourselves

  • Moon: Emotional temperament, Intuition, Represents the Mother, Female energy, Subconscious self, How we really are

  • Ascendant/Rising: Your higher self, Physical body, How others see you.

Choose Your Add-on: Please Pick One

Description of pre-purchased Birth Chart Sessions: The Astrology of YOU

    1.    Chiron: Known as the Wounded Healer. It is our trauma, our pain in this lifetime. Learn how to heal it.
   2.    Mercury: How you learn, communicate, think. Learn why you learn/communicate and think the way you do and how to use this to your advantage.
   3.    North Node/South Node: North Node is your Karmic Path, what we are here to learn, our soul’s purpose, the challenge, the future. South Node: Where we came from, what we mastered in the last life, what is familiar and comfortable. 
Prior to meeting you will provide me with your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. Please note that without a time of birth the birth chart cannot accurately pull certain planets (like your ascendant). I will prepare your birth chart and create a personalized chart of your big three and the add-on you choose.

We will be exploring what your big three are, what element they are in, which house they are in, I will identify any conjunctions you may have and how you can use that information.
Chiron/Mercury/Nodes: for these we will explore what house they are in, what element they are and talk about the specifics of the planet and where it is in your chart and what that means for you. 

You will walk away with a better understanding of who you are, why you are the way you are and what you can do to grow and make changes where needed.

Please email your information to and ler her know which add-on you will like to explore.

Price: $55 booked before retreat and $33 if booked at retreat location*

*If booked at retreat location it will be a condensed reading of only your big three due to time limitations.

Retreat Massage Sessions 

Aromatherapy Massage
  • Relax - Massage Swedish/Deep Tissue or Combo

Your preference for a Swedish/Deep tissue or combination. 


  • Swedish Massage consists of long flowing strokes and kneading of the soft tissues. This massage is excellent for relaxation and circulation of the blood and fluids in the body. Deep Tissue uses to alleviate chronic tension and soreness stored in the deeper layers of the muscle. Deep tissue massage usually focuses on specific problem areas such as chronic pain, lower back pain, recovery from injury, and repetitive strain.

Transformation- Reiki or Cranial Sacral


  • Reiki is a spiritual, vibrational healing practice that promotes balance throughout the human energy system. This treatment is facilitated through light touch and works through the subtle vibrational fields surrounding and penetrating the body. The recipient is fully-clothed during the session.


  • Cranial Sacral is a gentle, non-invasive form of bodywork is a style that addresses the bones of the head, spinal column, and sacrum. The goal is to release compression in those areas of stress and pain. This is great for headaches and migraines. The recipient is fully-clothed during the session.

Amazing ADD ONS ( add these onto your massage or reiki session)

  • Dry- Brushing: Dry body brushing is a method of body exfoliation that has been practiced for centuries in many cultures. The treatment is done at home or in a spa by a professional by buffing dry skin with a special exfoliating brush to slough off the top layer of dead skin cells, smoothing its texture. (Pre-massage)


  • Island Goddess Brown Sugar and Seaweed Scrub: This treatment helps move Lymphatic Flow and remove dead skin cells from the body's surface. My own Graceful Moon Organic Ceremonial Scent Island Goddess is a blend of A Sensual, Exotic & Warming Blend of Black Coconut, Vanilla, Brown Sugar, Frankincense, Wild Orange, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Ginger. Infused with Rose Quartz ( Stone of Love)and Garnet (the warmth of the Heart) Crystals

Blended with organic brown sugar and seaweed to invigorate, exfoliate and nourish the skin. This aromatic body sugar scrub melts tired muscles while smoothing & softening skin. (Post Massage)

  • Passage of the Blue Lotus: Blue Lotus Carries the Energy of the Sun, its warmth, and bliss.

In this session, you will connect with the energy of Deep States of relaxation of the Blue Lotus. This session will begin with a Ceremonial scent of Blue Lotus Foot Soak and washing, following intuitive and eclectic bodywork and energy balancing session that includes various Physical, Energetic modalities tailored to each individual. Breath-work, Visualization, sound therapy, specially chosen crystals for transformation, aromatherapy, and energy work. They are selectively woven together and tailored to meet you in creating the space to bring in the change you desire.

Please click on the link below for details and contact me directly to setups your tailored session. Scrubs, Dry-brushing, and Blue Lotus Sessions must be booked in advance. These sessions require hand-made or unique products that must be prepared or ordered ahead of time.

Please book with options under "Summer Solstice Retreat w/ Arlene  Participants"

You can also give me a call or text at 323-839-1262. I would love to answer any of your questions.



Photography Mini Sessions


It’s beach season, so while you enjoy your retreat days in San Diego take advantage of warm light, moderate temperatures, and scenic locations of the beach.  San Diego offers a variety of photographic opportunities and I would love to capture you in a variety of ways, we can do sunset, water play, sun play, options are limitless!

Photo sessions will take place on Saturday June 25th. Please pay via venmo, the link is below, also feel free to reach me via email with any questions, or any requests you want to experience during our seession together.

Whats Included?

5 digital downloads 20 min session for $50 dollars any other donations are welcome.

*Rica Liz Photography is a retreat sponsor who will be taking candid pictures of everyone at the retreat, and I am so excited and we are honored to have her capture us, so we can leave our phones alone and enjoy the day knowing she will be capturing our special moments together!

Please support her and give her a follow on instagram @ricalizphoto

Yoni Steaming Session


Vaginal steaming is an ancient practice that is thought to be beneficial in cleansing the vagina and uterus, regulating the menstrual cycle, easing the pain of period cramps and bloating, and aiding in healing and soothing after childbirth. The practice can also be very meditative.

The Yoni steam process involves sitting over a steaming pot of herb-infused water, generally for about 10-30 minutes per session depending on your body’s constitution and menstrual cycle history. As the steam rises and the herbs penetrate vaginal tissue, it is thought that the vagina and uterus are cleansed and soothed.

You can receive your vaginal steam session as a spa treatment at the retreat. Arlene will support with instructions, and personalized yoni steam herb recipe recommendations, as well as relaxing environment!


Cost is $25 and you can via Venmo

Contact Arlene with any questions

I am here to make your experince enjoyable and special. Rech out via email or Instgram DM

Instagram @lunasoulwellness

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