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Holistic Interior Design Services

​ Welcome to your Sacred Home Space

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Align Your Home with Your Inner Energy

Discover the pinnacle of holistic interior design where your living space transforms into a reflection of your inner self. Based in the heart of San Diego, our unique service merges holistic interior design with spiritual design principles, indigenous Latin American clearing practices, astrology, and human design, crafting spaces that resonate with your soul’s energy. Let us guide you in transforming your house into a sacred space that embodies peace, energy, and harmony.

Grow Your Vision

Your home is your sacred temple.

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Sacred Space Home Services

The various ways we will transform your home into your sacred sanctuary!


Astrological & Human Design Insights:

Unlock the secrets of your  Human design and astrology chart. Using your spiritual chart allows us to take a deep step into creating your sacred home. Discover how your home can cater to your emotional, mental, and spiritual needs, creating a truly sacred space for you. We are able to tap further into your design aesthetics by taking a dive into your esoteric charts. This is a fun and engaging process where you learn more about you, as well as learn more about your design aesthectics.


Sacred Home Cleansing & Blessing:

Embrace the power of traditional indigenous Latin American practices such as sacred smoke, Florida water, along with crystals and sacred geometry to purify and align your home. This step is to create a purification and  home blessing. We also offer a unique tarot reading for your space, ensuring that your spiritual design journey starts on a foundation of positive energy and a blessing , as well as honoring the land of your home.


Interior Design & Space Planning:

Our interior design services are tailored to your energetic needs, providing color schemes, textures, furniture and concept layouts that not only look beautiful but resonate with your personal and spiritual design preferences and are personally tailored to your home needs. We offer holistic interior design solutions that are aligning your home with the natural world's balance.


Holistic Lifestyle Rituals:

Transform your everyday routines with personalized rituals, a handcrafted fragrance candle, and a home reiki session with sound bath, designed to harmonize your lifestyle with your sacred space. Incorporating your ancestry and traditions is another unique design character that we would like to infuse into your sacred home space.

Embark on Your Sacred Home Journey

Our Process and what to expect from us!

  1. Client Intake: Begin your transformation by sharing your journey with us.

  2. Consultation: Dive into your astrological and human design insights in a personal consultation.

  3. Home Clearing: Purify your space with our bespoke cleansing rituals.

  4. Design Vision: Collaborate on your interior design recommendations.

  5. Blessing Ceremony: Conclude with a comprehensive home blessing, integrating various elements of spiritual design.


Ready to Align Your Home with Your Inner Energy?

Create a sacred space where every detail resonates with your soul. Book your consultation today with us today, your premier choice for San Diego interior design and holistic interior design.

Contact Us

Connect with us to discover how you can make your home your SANCTUARY to transform your home into a harmonious sacred space. Get in touch to learn more about our spiritual design services.

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