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Joshua Tree Retreat
February 18th - 20th, 2023

Let's connect with the cosmos in the beautiful mystical Oasis desert of Joshua Tree California. 

Yoga & Nature Hike

Enjoy the breathtaking views of Joshua Tree National Park as you practice yoga in the beautiful desert oasis and deepen your Yoga experience by allowing the body to be one with nature. We will use the backdrop of the beautiful desert valley to do morning yoga. We will also take a morning hike during our stay to connect with Mother Earth by taking a group hike together to explore the magical healing elements of Joshua Tree Forest, allowing the early spring air to guide us!

February is a perfect time to capture the spring blooms and feel the energetic shift of winter as it moves into spring!

Image by Vedrana Filipović

Human Design Readings

Human Design is here to help you recognize your innate gifts and traits so that you can be whom you came here to be - the most effortless road to being your happiest, most successful self is unique to you. Human design helps to understand your energy (Aura) type, how to make decisions, where you may need to decondition, and the correct path that leads you to your dharma (life's purpose). During the retreat, you will be offered a insight into your chart.


Astrology & Human Design Nodes

Let's discover your Nodes. I am so excited to fuse Astrology and Human Design. I love to work with the North and South nodes. In essence, the South Node shows you what experiences you already brought with you into this life - things that are familiar to you and that you’ve mastered. The North Node offers you the new territory you’re treading.
As a person obsessed with life purpose on the deepest levels and using that to guide decisions on the surface, it’s the personal North Node that is one of the most exciting parts of the astrological natal chart for me. Human Design and soul work; it’s living it out daily that reveals its true magic. 

Retreat 1

Human Design Partners:
Authentic Connection

Throughout this workshop, we explore the complexity and simplicity of being human together. This workshop empowers us to understand how we connect. Human Design empowers you with the awareness of your inner compass so that you can follow your path with self-trust and confidence. The Human Design system is designed for self-improvement and interpersonal awareness by understanding how you and your life partners can support and understand each other's human design, which can support compassion, empathy, and relational growth between two people. 

Tarot Reading

Tarot & Astology

Knowing which Tarot cards represent which zodiac signs can help you see the relationship between Tarot and Astrology, allowing you to expand your understanding of these two ancient tools. Every star sign in Astrology has a corresponding Tarot card in the Major Arcana. In addition, each of the suits of the Minor Arcana is associated with an element and, as such, is associated with corresponding elements in the zodiac. Let us explore together how the magic of Tarot and Astrology are tied into your life!


Sex, Love, Money!

Human design offers many insights into the core topics that tend to drive us. Therefore we will explore the human design gates that tell a story of how you experience sexuality, money, and love. The tools you learn at the workshop can help you understand how you bond, love, and your inner magic of calling in money. Understanding these specific Human Design gates will help you manifest your best self, making 2023 the year where you can expand yourself with more self-awareness. Use your newfound awareness to call in love, sexuality empowerment, and strengthen your money mindset!


Arlene Salcedo

Meet Your Host

Arlene is an Ayurvedic Wellness Coach; she decided on womb  & women wellness as her specialty focus; she is a 200 Certified RYT Yoga Instructor, Reiki Practioner, and Certified Level 1 and 2 Human Design Chart Reader. Arlene is the curator of Luna Soul Wellness; she began healing and teaching through yoga and holistic care. Her passion for supporting others’ healing journeys has always been prevalent. She believes healing and change begin with self-love and self-awareness practices. Her principle approach is to encourage women to learn, embrace, and embody the natural lifestyle, holistic healing, and self-care so they can live a balanced life and be empowered in their healing journey.


Fresh Meals

 Delicious Food Prepared with the most important ingredient - Love!

Ana is a passionate foodie whose enthusiasm for food and conscious eating has brought her into their kitchen, creating scrumptious and nutritious meals to be shared with family and friends. Ana is excited to bring her love for the kitchen to you. Ana will be providing you with a fusion of delicious and nutritious clean meals inspired by Ayurveda and healthy, fresh Mexican dishes.

Ana Gonzalez
Retreat Facilitator

Ana is a 200 YTT Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Level 1/11 Reiki Practioner, herbal and divination enthusiast, and a life-long student of esoteric studies. Ana is passionate about creating magick with the use of herbs, oils, and regular pantry items. She wholeheartedly believes that magick can be created in everyday life and that magick is simple and accessible to all who desire to awaken the magick within themselves.


Retreat Experiences

Optional add-on experiences that you can book during your stay,
please click the button below to view experience packages.

*All booking/experiences are NOT included in the retreat package and can be booked directly with each facilitator.

Libby Zona
Message Therapist

Libby Zona is a Holistic Solution Focused Therapist, specializing in Body and Energy Work. A Certified Massage Therapist, REIKI MASTER, EFT PRACTITIONER, and Certified Yoga & Meditation Instructor practicing since 2010. She is also the Conscience creator and owner of Graceful Moon a line of Energetic Shifting Products. 




Nourish your body and enlighten your mind through Yoga and nature hikes. Enjoy walking meditations embracing the elements of the Joshua Tree Magical desert. You’ll start and end each day calmer, centered, and open – ready to receive the teachings that follow together


Take part in immersive, small group sessions led by Arlene & Ana to ground your knowledge, deepen your understanding, and experience the ancient healing wisdom of  Human Design, Astrology, and Tarot


Connect with women enjoy sisterhood and new friendships. Embrace the divine feminity by making personal connections with other women. Spend time creating new bonds, or strengthening the bond with friends or family members you came with

Reserve Spot!

Joshua Tree Retreat Details
Day Passes are Availa

All-Inclusive 3-Day Retreat!

LOCATION: Joshua Tree, California

DATES: February 18th - 20th, 2023

(Saturday - Monday).

 One Spot

Shared room twin bed

Want to join us for the day?

Pick your adventure.

4 SPOTS SPOTS available 


2 Day spots for Saturday

2 Spots for Sunday. 


15% Off All Items

Once payment is made, I will reach out to you directly with a confirmation and the next steps.
- Arlene


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