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Astrocartography Reading

Astrocartography is the astrology of place. Often used for those that wish to relocate or travel

  • 1 h
  • 111 US dollars
  • Rio San Diego Drive

Service Description

Astrocartography is the astrology reading of place. Often used for those who wish to relocate or travel, it's a powerful tool for determining where in the world is best for you to thrive energetically in different areas of your life and the best time to visit. You'll receive an in-depth private video session exploring your soul's astrological blueprint in the world. As an astrologer, I combine my skillset and knowledge in traditional Hellenistic astrological techniques with astrocartography and cyclocartography (timing) to find the most supportive places for you to call home. I use professional astrocartography software and consider both natal A*C*G lines, parans and local space lines, in addition to analyzing your unique natal and relocated charts. What you'll learn (here is what your astrocartography reading includes): 1. See where is best for you to feel peace, spiritual growth & receive healing 2. Right place at the right time? Discover where you are luckiest in love & career 3. Home lines: See areas where it's best to buy property, retire, or settle down 4. Want to shine bright? Look to places for more exposure and abundance 5. Learn WHEN is the best time to travel and move to your desired place. DIFFICULT LINES...I'VE BEEN THERE When you move or travel to a certain place, everything in life changes. Mine did. I have moved so many times but mostly through southern california. I did notice a change in energy with each city. Now living in San Diego it feels more settled and it makes sense, I have better astrocartograohy lines for this point in my life. Through my years of traveling across the globe, I've seen firsthand how accurate astrocartography is. I've seen how I found love, experienced healing, creative inspiration, career abundance and career growth in certain places and dealt through challenge and intensity in other ones. How Readings Works: - BOOK A TIME ( Please allow 3 business to schedule our online session, for example if you want to book on the reading session for the 15th of month than book 5 days before the 15th, this will allow me time to look over your chart and put your reading together). - A QUESTIONER WILL BE EMAILED TO YOU 3 DAYS BEFORE OUR SESSION - OUR VIDEO CALL ( 1 hour) - GET RECORDING ( will be emailed with in 24 hours after our session) astrocartography, astrology reading, relocation,

Cancellation Policy

If you can cancel the day of booking/appointment, there is a $20.00 fee

Contact Details

  • 8885 Rio San Diego Dr unit 237, San Diego, CA 92108, USA

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